PET MO-Columbia update 11/4/13

Goal to date: 1584 Actual to date: 1521

*** I enjoy and appreciate the opportunities I have to teach a one-day
course in “PET 101” at one of the nearby universities or colleges. Last week
I taught two classes at The Westminister College in Fulton, MO. The
professor of the class is a man who some years ago donated nine high-quality
dairy goats for a shipment I was making for Heifer Project to Central
America. It is a natural, I think, that a man with that kind of compassion
and generosity for the poor would end up teaching a course in “Servant
Leadership” at a top quality college.

The story of PET becomes the frame around which I weave my understanding
of the kind of values that are needed in order for us to be responsible
citizens on this amazing Earth. Woven together are the threads of the
Christian faith, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and
the “Rotary Club Four Way Test.” I tell the story of a couple who have made
such amazing financial gifts to PET (and other) by working hard, living
simply, and giving generously. I tell the stories of our wonderful PET
volunteers. They like my admonition to live life so that “you do not die
with your music still half in you.”

I find the students in these classes to be intelligent, courteous,
neatly-dressed, and dreaming about a future of service to their world. And
their world is quite varied, with students in those classes from Rwanda,
Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

Yesterday I was invited to teach at Stephens College, here in Columbia.
It is one of the 36 womens’ colleges still in existence in the USA.


*** This week I will go to Atlanta, GA, to be a part of a “homecoming group”
of persons who were on the Habitat for Humanity International board at its
very beginning. We have been invited to help dedicate Habitat House #
800,000. Many of you readers have helped Habitat to reach that amazing
milestone. Habitat International is now the eighth largest homebuilding organization
in the world.

Here in Columbia, MO, Habitat has built some 125 lovely and sustainable
homes for families who often came to the USA as refugees from war-torn lands
like Bosnia.


“Our ability to do good in the world is limited only by our inability to be
generous.” Mel West

Mel West

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