PET MO-Columbia update 10/28/13

Goal 1548 Actual to date: 1501

** Lunsar, Sierra Leone update: excerpt from 9-16-13 Update: “a request
from The Lunsar Association of Polio Persons for a shipment of 200 PETs, to
be distributed along with donated school supplies.. the shipping and the
distribution cost, $8,280, is not in our budget, and the group in Lunsar
cannot fund it. If you wish to help facilitate this project as quickly as
possible mark your PET checks “For Lunsar.” Let’s get those kids mobile and

Because of many more requests for child size PETs, we changed
our production to include 15 child size a week. Of course, bigger children
will get the adult size PET. So far we have received donations of $3,650
toward the overseas shipping. As usual, it takes $250 to build each PET.

Last Friday Barbara and I were at the fall board meeting of one of our
PET distributors, an NGO I have mentioned before, Rainbow Network (RN). RN
began distributing PETs over 10 years ago, and receives most of them from
the PET Affiliate in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, on the doorstep of Rainbow’s
Springfield, MO office. That Affiliate is under the direction of Jim
Wrinkle, who is also the president of PET International.

Like many of our PET distributors RN has a holistic mission in a
tragically poor rural area of the world, in this case, Nicaragua. Here are
some of the number reports from its work:

** Education is important in their work. They have 7,841 students enrolled
in 438 elementary schools and provide scholarships ($300 a year) for 921
students to attend high school.

** Medical: Seven medical doctors and one dentist provide regular visits and
services to the 105 rural communities that make up the RN area. The medical
doctors attended to 15,647 patients in 2012, and the dentist to 2,226. Most
of the persons living in the RN area had never seen a doctor or dentist
until Rainbow arrived.

** Micro-Loans: Two-hundred fifty-seven “banks” made loans to 1,583 families
in 2012. RN will make its 60,000th loan around the end of this year. These
loans are paid back almost 100%.

** Housing: Rainbow families have been enabled to build 722 new homes. These
are built in little villages of 25 houses. Eight years ago a friend of mine,
Herbert Sauer, paid for the building of a new village. I have kept close
to that village. Today it is a lovely, well-kept village, and every home has
been paid for.

** Meals Served: Around January 1, 2014, RN will have served 40,000,000
plates of food to children, nursing or pregnant mothers, and selected
seniors. Allowing each plate to be 1 inch high, that would be a stack of
food plates 631 miles high. Volunteers prepared that food, donated part of
it, and washed all those dishes.

PET is proud to join hands with partners like Rainbow, and TOGETHER we build
a better and more just and peaceful world!! Go to
to learn more.


“Do not let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.” John

Mel West

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