PET MO-Columbia update 10/15/13

Goal to date: 1476 Actual to date: 1434

*** We are always interested in how long PETs last and how they are used.
This report came to us recently:

“We of the AMIGA Mission Group were high in the mountains of Honduras
where the coffee beans grow. We were conducting a medical clinic in a small
village called El Modelo. This is on the side of the mountain where the land
is all sloping. Among the people who traveled a considerable distance to the
clinic was a man riding a PET. He piqued our interest because of our
previous experiences with PETs. He was happy to talk about his PET, and how
he had modified it.

“He had come to need a PET after some back injury had left him unable to
walk. A man in his thirties he was still active, working for a living and
had a family. He had been given a PET about four years earlier. He indicated
that the PET served him well in the local area in spite of the ruggedness of
the terrain.

“When asked if he used it for any distance travel he recounted travels to
and from the town of San Nicolas. We were initially skeptical because we
travel the 15K (9 miles) or so between San Nicolas and El Modelo, a road of
steep ups and downs with creek crossings and no bridges. He explained that
his wife pushed him and the PET up the slopes if he could not manage them
himself. On the down slopes his wife stood on the rear cargo compartment,
hands on his shoulders, and hung on for dear life. Each trip took six hours
one way.”


*** I have heard of PET owners who live in town, who say that they sometimes
grab hold of a truck or similar vehicle at a stop light, and hang on to it
as long as they feel it is safe, just like bicycle riders sometimes do.


*** As I write the 40′ high-rise overseas shipping container is here to be
loaded with 212 PETs for the Phillipines.


“Try to discover
The road to success
And you will seek and never find.
But blaze your own path
And the road to success
Will trail right behind you.” Robert Brault

Mel West

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