PET Zambia update excerpt

“Our summer teams (or actually winter for us in Zambia) started in May. This was a family team for us in that it included Delbert’s brother, Dan (who is a Wesleyn Pastor in SC), and our nephew Dillon. They came to help us with setting up the new PET Zambia workshop on the additional piece of property behind the New Life Center that we bought last year. It was the beginning stages of setting containers on the buildings foundation. These will later be part of the walls of the workshop. It was a joy to share ideas and get things in place for all the additional work to come (More about the progress later). It’s always a special time when you can share ministry with your family that has heard you talk about Africa for the last 30 years!” See 2013 Summer Months Update and 2013 Summer Months Update #2 for more.

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