PET MO-Columbia update 9/23/13

Goal to date: 1368 Actual to date: 1345

Help Needed: PET MO-Columbia needs a person to coordinate the PET
distribution trips. This would involve answering questions about what a
trip is like, collecting names of people who are interested, having a prep
meeting with the volunteers who are going, getting the volunteers the
paperwork they need and coordinating the trip with the distribution partner.
If you have been on a PET distribution you would be an ideal candidate for
this volunteer job. If you are interested please contact Susan Williams at

WORLD POLIO DAY is tomorrow, 24 September. “Making History” will be live
streamed on at 5:30 CDT. Invite your friends and family to
watch the live stream with you.

The wild polio virus has three types: Types 1, 2, and 3. It has been more
than 19 years since Type 2 has been eradicated. It has been more than 10
months since type 3 has been eradicated. Type 1 remains the last. Major
countries of polio are Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

From the very beginning with PET in Zaire persons with polio have been
recipients of PETs. Freetown, Sierra Leone has probably received the most
for polio victims.


*** We often get personal thank-you communication from those who distribute
PETs. A man in Tanzania sent us this prayer he wrote:

“Lord and God, You know the secrets of PET staff members and students and
Rev. Paul Harris, and their hearts. Reward them for the good things they do
to give peace of mind to the disabled people, old people, sick people of
Tanzania. Look kindly on their efforts and the progress of PET members.
Strengthen them on their way, increase their faith and love and accept their
repentance. Open to them your goodness and justice and lead them to the
eternal life until they finally enjoy your presence in heaven. We ask this
through Jesus Christ our Lord.” – Rev. Dr. Gabriel Mgeyekwa, President of
PRENE NGO, and Director of Mission Institute at Iranga.


Last week was a busy one for in-the-door donations, including:

*** 10 boxes shoes and clothing from Diana Chapel in KS

*** Carroll Wood and two friends from the Tarkio UMC churches at Tarkio and
Westboro brought a big load of cut wood parts, 2 excellent bicycles, and a
large quantity of metal parts made by folks in the St. John Lutherans.

*** Ron Brookshire brought his regular load of metal parts from MO.

*** Carl Pierce and Mickie Yon, Michigan, brought 52 sewing machines–a BIG
van full.

*** Pat and Shelia Christy brought ten boxes of fabric donated by Rhoda


*** For reasons unknown we are running short of the clean & dry gallon or
half-gallon milk jugs and the clean tin cans with labels removed. Those are
important in packing. The jugs are used to carry water by PET recipient
after they are used for spacing in packing the PET, and the tin cans (which
protect the axle ends from punching thru the box) are used as drinking
glasses. These items are considered packing material with no value and
allowed by customs in receiving countries. There may be several months or
more of shifting and handling the box until the PET is unpacked, reassembled
and distributed in the field.


“Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.” Unknown

Mel West

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