PET MO-Columbia update 9/16/13

Goal to date: 1332 Actual to date: 1312

Sierra Exif JPEGLunsar, Sierra Leone has over 1,000 disabled persons and 350 of those are children with polio and other mobility disabilities. Sierra Leone is a country that has had unusually high rates of polio. PET has sent hundreds of PETs to nearby Freetown. PET International has before it a request from The Lunsar Association of Polio Persons for a shipment of 200 child sized PETs, to be distributed along with donated school supplies.

The program is to integrate about 250 mobility disabled children into mainstream primary and secondary schools in Lunsar. They write: “Children who are physically challenged, especially those with problems with their lower extremities, are more likely to access school if given the proper assistive devices.”

PET MO-Columbia can build and provide the PETs, but the shipping and the distribution cost of $8,280 is not in our budget and the group in Lunsar cannot fund it. If you wish to help facilitate this project as quickly as possible mark your PET checks “For Lunsar.” Let’s get those kids mobile and educated. See earlier picture and attached report of similar folks PET and you could help.


*** 30 PETs went last week to The Dominican Republic, one of my favorite countries.

*** Hope Haven International, our long time partner in IA, has asked that we send a team to Guatemala April 5-12, 2014 to do a mobility distribution. Please contact Susan Williams if you might be interested or have questions:


“It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out. It is the pebble in your shoe.” M. Ali

Mel West

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