PET MO-Columbia update 9/6/13

Another load went out!! A volunteer from the Washington Overseas Mission just left with a pickup loaded with:
*** 3 PETs
*** 20 sewing machines (3 treadle & one hand crank included)
*** 10 boxes sewing fabric
*** 4 canes
*** 1 walker
*** Assorted mission items.
The Washington Overseas Mission began in 1992 when Dr. Tim long and a few friends volunteered to work for a week in Honduras. It has grown into an organization that works year-round organizing and fund-raising for a diverse range of humanitarian projects including health care, construction, water, scholarship and day care. Teams consisting of physicians, dentists, health care professionals, skilled construction workers, students and general volunteers donate their time and skills to help the poorest of the poor. The organization is a not-for-profit 501(c)3. Website:

*** Partnership is a key word here at PET Place. All items sent this
morning were donated, a donated pickup and driver picked them up,
volunteers will load and distribute. We give a lot of bang for the buck!

Mel West

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