Many helpers involved in getting needed PET cart to Paul in Zambia

IMG_2353I just wanted to send a warm thank you to the connection and service that each of you provided in order for Paul, the man in the picture to receive this PET. Its always humbling to see the work of God, especially in the avenues of pursued conversation. I was pursued in conversation in Zambia about a wheelchair, then I came home to Memphis, TN and pursued a conversation Mark, who led me to Von, who led me to Charles, who connected with Angela to get a PET for Paul.

Angela said this about the gift:“I managed to deliver the wheelchair to Paul and he was the happiest person on this planet, he could not believe it that it was his.”

Thank you for your obedient hearts that follow the will and call of the kingdom of God. May the Lord continue to bless all that you do and establish the work of your hands for the God’s kingdom on Earth and in heaven.

Grace and Peace

Laura Kigweba

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