PET MO-Columbia update 8/26/13

Goal to date: 1224 Actual to date: 1214

*** The big truck shipment to Gleaning for the World, an NGO working out of
Norfolk, VA, was shipped out last Tuesday. Things are never dull here at
1908 Heriford, and that day included a truck arriving late (not too unusual)
and the truck tearing out the overhead electric line that powers the
building. Volunteers rose to the occasion and, in the dark, loaded out the
truck in a bit over an hour. The joint shipment from PET and Container

*** 127 Adult PETs

*** 40 Child PETs

*** 34 PULL PETs

*** 41 Sewing machines

*** 63 Boxes of sewing fabrics.

*** 73 Boxes hospital linens

*** 41 boxes of medical supplies

*** 58 Walkers

*** 20 Crutches

*** 20 Canes.

*** 1 Partridge in a pear tree.


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”
A. Einstein

Mel West

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