PET MO-Columbia update 8/19/13

Goal to date: 1188 Actual to date: 1179

*** Our MISSION STATEMENT: Everyone and every organization should have a
mission statement, stating clearly and precisely the goal of the person or
organization. Here at PET MO-Columbia our mission statement is on a display
board at our entrance. It has a light over it, and the first thing I do each
morning when I arrive is to turn on that light. Here is our statement:

(1) The mission of PET MO-Columbia is to join hands with others of like mind
and heart in order to provide appropriate mobility for all persons in need,
starting first with those most in need and in the most isolated places.


(2) To provide meaningful volunteer experiences for persons who desire to
make use of their skills, experiences, compassion and financial resources in
ways that are effective and satisfying.


*** There are some key words and phrases that I like to lift up:

…”join hands with others of like heart and mind..” A great mixture of
faith groups, business groups, social service organizations, and individuals
make up PET. All that we ask is, “Do you want to help those less fortunate?”
Here in Columbia we have folks from many Christian groups, as well as Bihai,
Jewish, Muslim, atheist, Hindu and others. We all work together for the good
of our sisters and brothers who are leg handicapped.

*** “..appropriate mobility..” for the situation and person.

*** “…all persons..” 21,000,000

*** “…most in need and in most isolated places..” I am pleased with how we do that.

*** volunteer experiences..” We who are affluent, educated and capable in
the USA need, for our own soul’s benefit, realistic ways to “pay back” for
our good fortunes. PET provides that.


“Any religion that professes to be concerned with the souls of people and is
not concerned with the slums that damn them, the economic conditions that
strangle them, and the social conditions that strangle them, is a
dry-as-dust religion.” – Martin Luther King

Mel West

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