PET MO-Columbia update 8/5/13

Goal to date: 1116 Built to date: 1129

*** A goal of PET is to get our PETs out to those who need them most, and
into the most isolated of places. I am pleased and proud of how well we are
able to do that. Two recent reports and photos from Thailand tell these

— A woman who is a polio survivor is shown on her PET MO-Columbia
produced PET, with her dog as a companion. She supports herself collecting
and selling plastic containers.

The Thailand Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons
sent the photos.

— The second photo is of a student in the Yardfon Vocational Training
Center who has a brain injury which affects his mobility. He uses the PET
daily to move from room to classroom, etc.


*** A full truck load will be shipped to Gleaning for the World, an NGO that
has done a good job of distributing PETs for us before. On August 16 PET
MO-Columbia will ship a load including child, adult and PULL PETs, plus
sewing machines, fabric, walkers, canes, and medical supplies. With a load
like this every cubic inch (almost) of the truck is utilized. Sewing
machines, boxes of fabric, walkers, etc. fit in between the crates of PETs.


“Those who give cheerfully give twice–once to others and once to themselves.” Anonymous

Mel West

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