PET MO-Columbia update 7/29/13

Goal to date: 1080 Actual to date: 1096

*** It is Vacation Church School time of the year! Here at PET that means
several things. We have for several months been sending out the VBS packet
we have for churches to use as a supplement to their VBS materials. It is
filled with exciting puzzles, stories, photos and exercises, all designed to
help children learn about persons who have disabilities.

Churches within driving distance often call and come by to pick up a PET
or two to take to their church for the VBS kids to ride. They have great fun
doing this and can begin to imagine what a PET means to a person who has
been crawling upon the ground.

Churches here in town bring, by prior planning, a small group of children
by to see the shop, ride the PET and also invest some time putting together
into packets the washers, bolts, etc. that go with each PET shipped. It is
their service project.

Then the checks to PET begin to arrive–often enough for a PET, sometimes
more. Those help to fill in the summer slump in income a bit.

So—VBS time is a good time for PET. A lot of children begin to learn
about the larger world and to have compassion of those less fortunate. They
engage in a service project, and rob their piggy banks to help another child
they will never see.


Bellinghausen Bob floorboards closeup June 2010*** The borrowed OCM (Office of Creative Ministries – MO wide ecumenical mission) gooseneck trailer is, as I write, on the way back from Ohio, where our volunteers picked up the rear frames for 762 adult PETs and 133 child PETs, made and supplied by Tom and Dallas Andrew and their many helpers around Napoleon, OH. (See attached picture of Bob Bellinghausen attaching floorboards to the rear frame. The rear frame is the black painted (industrial powder paint) steel piece; it goes underneath the wooden seat
and cargo structure. On one end of the frame is the goose neck that connects to the front end drive unit. Bob has been a shop volunteer for 3 ½ years. We have great volunteers far and near. Thanks to everyone that
helps make PET successful. Kathy Maynard)


“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein

Mel West

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