Raphael Richards PET photos

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Attached are photos of Raphael Richards, a banana farmer who lives in the Clarendon infirmary Maypen Jamaica. He’d been using a wheelchair with NO tread on the frame.
The PET we gave him a couple weeks ago will allow him to navigate his fields and carry his crops back and forth or possible sell them from the back of his PET cart. Raphael was so very appreciative and kept asking… what did I do to deserve this? My answer: You are a child of God.

Can’t wait to get more Pull PETs there. I’ve asked Won by One in Jaimaica if they’d be willing to assemble and distribute a couple to people in the infirmary as regular shipping does not deliver to the infirmary. We saw soooo many crawling individuals there. I’ll let you know what I hear from Won by One on when/where we can ship.

Incidentally, we got stopped at the airport for having “cargo” more than 100 pounds. I carry a photo of a crawling man in my purse. I showed it to the airline lady and she smiled, called over her supervisor and let me through.
God’s grace! ;- )

Sarah Hill

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