PET MO-Columbia update 6/24/13

Goal to date: 900 Actual: 906

*** The world is getting better! Recently I’ve been doing some speaking and
writing on the idea that the world is getting better, day by day and year by
year. (And to PET folks I’ve been saying, “And you are a part of that!”)

*** I find that folks about my age quickly agree with that, for we take the
long and historic view. I point out these things:

  1. Four years before I was born, my mother could not vote. The rise of women has been perhaps the most significant movement in my time.
  2. Major diseases and health issues have been eradicated and others are near conclusion–polio, smallpox, the Guinea worm, etc. We are closing in on malaria, HIV-AIDS. Longevity has risen sharply around the world. Birth rates per family have dropped sharply across most of the globe.
  3. Wars take MANY fewer lives. The Civil War, WWI, WWII- each took about half a million lives of soldiers (USA) plus millions of civilians. Vietnam and Korean–50,000+- each.. We have been in Afghanistan 11 years and lost only 3,000. Each life is dear, but look at the change.
  4. Technology has changed the world. I grew up with the crank wall telephone. That little cell-phone with its camera is bringing justice issues to the forefront.
  5. The global poverty rate has been cut in half in the last 20 years! In 1990 43% of the population of the developing world (1.9 billion) lived below $1 a day. In 2010 21% (1.2 billion) lived below. (The “Economist”, June 1, 2013) China cut their poverty rate from 84% in 1980 to 10% in 2010. Projections on the future are positive. (We need to remember that living just above the poverty rate of $1 is still not the goal, but we are making progress.)
  6. The response to social issues have VASTLY improved. I grew up next to “Sun-down” towns. Lynchings were common. Homosexuals were to be beaten up. “Poor-farms” and the warehousing of seniors was common. I was in the middle of dust-bowl, depression and drought.

I can go on and on. More people today care about more people in realistic and relevant ways, than ever before in history, PET is a part of that. We call a PET a GIFT OF MOBILITY AND HOPE. Ask someone who has been crawling upon the ground for 40 years and then got a PET how they feel about it.

*** As always, PET will take CLEAN, dry, gallon milk jugs for packing. Or,
if you have jugs from distilled water, these would work too. They are used for packing material in the PET box and later can be used for water hauling and storage at the receiving end.

*** PET International is having their annual conference September 27 & 28 hosted by PET Memphis. Several of us from PET MO-Columbia will be driving there on Thursday, 26th. Some because we are related to PI as staff, board member or committee members. Others will be there representing our Affiliate. See attached invitation, flyer, and picture of last year’s attendees. They are PET volunteers from around the country representing the
many PET production shops. See if you can pick out some folks you know from PET MO-Columbia. Talk to Roger or Gary at the shop if you’d like to join us or meet us there and then send in your registration. Kathy Maynard


“Prepare and prevent; don’t repair and repent.” – Author unknown.

Mel West


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