PET MO-Columbia update 6/3/13

Goal to date: 792 Actual to date: 793

*** This is shipping week here at PET! Tomorrow (Tuesday) a container will
be here for the loading of 212 PETs and some sewing machines, fabric, etc.
to go to ADHU in Al Salvador. They have received PETs before and do a
great job of distributing and reporting.

In the meantime–Gary is in communication with Dr. Trish Blair,
director of ACTS (A Call To Serve) for the loading of from 1/2 to a
full container of PETs for The Republic of Georgia. That will be
Tuesday afternoon. We have shipped PETs to them a couple of times
before and they do high quality work. I’ve been to The Republic of
Georgia and can personally validate that.

And… in the meantime I am putting together some Mini-Marts and
shoe-shine kits to send along so some PET drivers can use them to make
an income.

PET has an amazing network of NGOs with whom we work. A recent report and
photo came from The Thailand Foundation to Encourage Potential of
Disabled Persons. They told the story of 62 year old Kasem Somnual who had
lost a leg in a land mine explosion. He lives near the western base of
Thailand’s highest mountain, Dol Inthanon. The e-mail reports his
gratitude for his new mobility. See attached report.


PET distribution opportunity shared from PET International: There is an opportunity to go on a distribution in the Dominican Republic this coming December with PET Memphis.
If there is any interest from any PET volunteers, they should contact
Mark Griffy: right away for details on dates and estimated costs involved.

(Mark is a great guy and this will be at least his 3rd trip to DR to the same NGO to distribute PETs.

PET Memphis is hosting the annual conference for PET Intl this year –
September 27 & 28. Several from PET MO-Columbia will be there; a few of
us also work as part of their staff, board or committees. Details about
the annual conference will be shared this month; all are invited to come
hear the stories and share with other PET enthusiasts. Kathy)

Six Basic Rules of Life:
Before you pray — believe.
Before you speak – listen.
Before you spend – earn.
Before you write – think.
Before you give up – try.
Before you die – live.
Mel West

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