PET MO-Columbia update 5/20/13

Production Schedule: Goal 720 Built 719

PET Stories are being received regularly from around the world. By
signing up on the PET International website you can receive these stories
by email notice when they have been posted. These are from all PET

1. PET stories from New Guinea, West Africa
“Being Handicapped in a 3rd World Countries is not for sissies! PET
International donates these people movers to us and you ship them here.
Pierre was the brightest student in his class but has not gone to school
for over 3 years because his last transport became unrepairable. Sadly
the little girl did not receive one because she has very little strength
in her hands. We have ordered one that can be pulled so that she can go
to school next year.” Our shop filled the Pull PET need; see “Shipping
this past Week” below. We make 3 PET versions and can fill most
requests. Also since our shop is a collection site for other used
mobility devices for Hope Haven International, we sometimes ship out
those items in good condition with PET shipments. The rest goes to HHI
for refurbishing by their volunteers.
2. Zimbabwe Photos from Global Aid Network
“This man was amputated from the knee down … The church
continues to play a role of mentoring and disciple the family.”

–Shipping this past Week: Columbia sends one Pull PET to Hickory, NC
that is being sent to Hope Clinic in Guinea. We also sent 30 Child PETs
to a MedWish warehouse in Cleveland, OH. The photo stories will come
later however after the overseas container travels for months. Watch for
those to be posted in future Updates.

–Locally the PET story was told in a Lutheran church in Mexico, MO and a
Baptist church in rural Boone County. PET is ecumenical. Friends from
Columbia brought their friends by for a tour last fall, they returned home
to Ft Collins, CO and their community church raised enough for 21 PETs.
We need your help to share about PET’s mission in your church. We can
supply you with a DVD, brochures, etc. and possibly a show-n-tell PET.

–Parts Received Last Week: 96 spindles received from Rodney Hanson in
WA. Legacy Men’s Group in KS took patterns to cut wood for the first
Child PET to be made of treated lumber. The Show Me Recreational Vehicle
Club recently packed over 700 bags of spare parts and assembly parts.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed
of an equal or greater benefit.”
Napoleon Hill

–Spring Festival is coming have you bought your tickets. Joe Fedl and
the Columbia Cabaret Singers will sing and dance at the Missouri Theatre,
Tuesday, May 28, 7pm. Profits will be split between the Food Bank and

–Vacation Bible School packets have been mailed to churches in Iowa,
Washington, and several Missouri Churches. See details on our website
page. It’s set up to provide a mission time each day of Bible School.

–PET exhibits are planned for the May 30-June 1 Exploring the Medical
Missions Conference in Kansas City. Early June, our shop will be
represented at the Missouri Conference for United Methodist Churches in
Springfield, MO.

–Do you follow us on Facebook? Tell your friends, children, and
grandchildren to “Like” PET on Facebook. See the link on our homepage to
the right.

–PET style evolves. After field evaluations a couple changes are needed.
To prevent the pivot pin from working out a “C” clip is being tried. A
padded adjustable seat is being tried by Hawarden, Moundridge, and
Columbia Affiliates. Many changes are being completed through donated
parts and supplies.

Gary Moreau, Director Elect
(with additional notes by Kathy)

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