PET Affiliate in Zambia expands production site at New Life Center

Just a little update… You may recall my brother, Dan, and his son, Dillon, have come for their first visit to Zambia! We are have a great time, but I’m putting them to work. The New Life Center is building a new workshop for the PET Zambia outreach. This new workshop will allow us to build faster and build more PETs each month. At the moment we are building 50 PETs a month. We are hoping to double that number with this new workshop. It is three time the size of the old workshop. We had the foundation and floor slab in before Dan and Dillon arrived. The next step was to move three shipping container into place as part of the outer walls. We were able to get that done this week! That is a big step towards finishing the workshop. Thank you Dan & Dillon!! Next step will be the roof! Hoping to have that started by the end of the month. There are pictures on the website… click here.

Keep praying and believing in God’s vision…

Delbert & Sandy

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