PET MO-Columbia update 5/6/13

Goal to date: 648 Actual to date: 654

*** World news takes on a new meaning and relevancy when one works with PET.
Reports now tell of the rapidly growing refugee center in Jordan, out in a
treeless desert, holding tens of thousands of refugees from the Syrian war.
I’ve been in refugee camps, but nothing approaching that size or isolation.

It is good to know that PET will make a bit of a positive impact upon
that situation with the 182 PETs on the way. They will no doubt share each
PET with several leg handicapped persons, so perhaps more than 1,000
refugees will receive the GIFT OF MOBILITY AND HOPE. The PETs left here

You readers—if someone mentions the camp in conversation, tell them
that you are a part of an organization that is doing something significant
and relevant for that situation.


*** After PET started here in Columbia, twenty-one (21) other PET building
and shipping sites have become affiliated into what we call PET
International. One of those is Brazos Valley (TX) PET. This group focuses on
getting PETs into nearby northern Mexico. Recently 41 PETs were taken to
Mission, TX, where with the help of the Rio Grande Valley PET Affiliate they
were delivered to the Rio Bravo Lions Club for distribution in Northern

In their first three years of production, Brazos Valley PET has produced
over 1,000 PETs. Placed bumper to bumper out on the highway that would be a
line of PETs one mile long.


“I never look at the masses as my responsibility. I look at the individual.
I can only love one person at a time.” Mother Teresa


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