Newly forming PET Affiliate in Huntsville, AL builds first 20 PET carts

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Just a note to let you know that we had our first build this past Saturday. We built 20 and have them packaged ready for shipment. Will build 20 more later (maybe in about a month).

Attached is a picture of our first PET.

John W. Noblin

2 Replies to “Newly forming PET Affiliate in Huntsville, AL builds first 20 PET carts”

  1. Congratulations on your start up! from PET Holland, MI. I like the colors. The brake assembly appears to be the chock/slide against the back wheel. Our new rachet on the post above the brake handle has been thru the Standardization Comm. and can be used by all Affiliates. Ask Larry H. We have supplied rachets to several and are available to you if you wish. Go to our web site: and see it on the drawings. call or email us for the password to the prints.
    Best of all blessings to you and your PET team of volunteers. And, Welcome!! See you in September.
    Keith Laidler, Board President

  2. Congratulations on your new PET-Alabama shop. It’s great to see you join the cause!
    My husband and I have taken McPherson College students to Ethiopia and delivered 16 PETs to some of the poorest people on Earth there in the last few years. It’s almost unbelievable how desperate these folks are. Their reactions when they get a PET range from crying, to shouting for joy, to test driving the PET and rolling away! They would never have enough money to buy one on their own. PETs are an amazing invention given in the name of Love.

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