Child PET cart sent by GFTW helps disabled child in Guatemala

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I just wanted to share some photos with you. My wife and I are missionaries to Guatemala and had found out about your organization through GFTW. They sent one of your PET trikes down for us and we were able to get it to a needy child. However, we also found out that this family has 2 children that can not walk. so I am asking if there is a way another one can be sent to us? We sure would appreciate it and the family is so happy for this one. God bless you.

David R Varner
His Hands International

[More PETs were sent to GFTW this month, so one of those will likely go to this family.]

One Reply to “Child PET cart sent by GFTW helps disabled child in Guatemala”

  1. So glad to see the smiling boy enjoying his new PET. Our volunteers look forward to seeing the results of their labor of love. Could we ask that a story of the family and pictures of the children be sent to us? We’d like permission to use them in our displays and literature to promote more support for more PETs.

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