2013 Annual Meeting and Related Workshop Conference September 27 & 28

Dear Friends of PET,

This year we will be hosted by PET TN-Memphis. We ask all Affiliates to send at least one representative and especially those persons that do tasks related to workshop presentations. Workshops are particularly arranged for your benefit and some have been requested by Affiliates. We have also invited several of our distribution partners to come and share. Last year we were fortunate that several could attend at different points of the two day conference.

Some potential workshops in the planning process: Shop Safety Training for Volunteers, Container Shipping, PET Seating Standards, General Accounting Practices, Internet/Website, Including PET in Estate Planning, PET Affiliate Newsletter Production, and Distribution Partners sharing. Some of these may run simultaneously.

It is a good time of sharing and getting to know the PET International board & staff and your Affiliate counterparts. It is also a growth opportunity in your PET knowledge, information/skills to operate an Affiliate and your PET enthusiasm. Any interested person is invited to attend. Reservations are required, but there is no fee except meal costs. Please mark your calendars for Friday & Saturday, September 27 & 28. In June an official invitation with detail will be posted.


Board of Trustees

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