PET MO-Columbia update 4/8/13

Goal to date: 504 Actual to date: 534

*** A “Pup-load” of PETs, used wheelchairs, sewing machines, etc. will go to
Hope Haven IM April 21. Sewing machines remain in big demand. Right now we
need fabric to send with them.

(Here is an excellent report-story excerpt from Morgan Matsiga who is
evaluating PETs in Zimbabwe. One of our shop volunteers when he’s in the

ZimbabweTambu with MP(holding bag) neighbor and Council official Wedza Zim Mar2013***”The first stop was at 42 year old Tambudzal “Tambu” Ziko’s homestead. When we got there we were warmly received and found her busy at work picking and harvesting peanuts. She is quite a remarkable lady. Despite her physical handicap and limitations, Tumbu is a gifted farmer. She out-produces some of her “able-bodied” neighbors even though she does not have any draught animals or plough to help her till the land.

Her method? She simply drags herself by scooting backward in a row as she digs holes to plant seed, whether corn, beans or peanuts. Neighbors told us
she has “perfected” her own technique “no-till” method of farming. For 17 years Tambu crawled on the ground, then used crutches for the longest time, until she received her PET. A brief stint with a regular wheelchair did not
serve her well as it was not ideal for the terrain in her area. Now with the
PET, bringing in her harvest from the field is that much easier on the body.
She can throw the harvest in the back of the PET and bring it home.

Fetching water was always a challenge for her as she had to drag herself
on the ground balancing a water container on her head. Now fetching water is
a chore she no longer dreads.

She is a mother of 3 children who were all at school when we visited. Her
wish is that they will do well in school. Her husband was away, doing odd
jobs to support the family. Morgan”

(Readers: This is another wonderful example of how leg-handicapped people
are able to overcome heart-breaking obstacles to survive, and how the PET
enhances that ability. We do a good thing!)*



“The proof of love is in the works.
When love exists, it works great things.
But when it ceases to exist, it ceases to exist.” Pope St. Gregory

Mel West

*** Distribution trip: I know that the original email said our Distribution
partner, Hope Haven International Ministries in Guatemala, was targeting the
end of May for a distribution. However, our contact emailed me and said
that May 12-18 would be the week he would like a team down there.

In general, 30 PETs would be distributed on the Pacific coast and the rest
of the week would be spent in Xenacoj visiting the sewing coop and helping
at the new Hope Haven IM factory. These distributions do not have a
detailed itinerary and the key to getting the most out of the trip is to be
flexible and go with the flow. The culture is different and you won’t spend
every minute of every day being productive, but most people find that they
still get a lot out of the trip.

See attached some general information. Based on the dates, please let me
know if you are interested in going.

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