PET MO-Columbia update 3/25/13

Goal to date: 432 Actual 468

*** Much of my mission work has included fund raising for the various
projects. I’ve learned a lot about human nature, and especially that
regarding money. The following list is a check-off to see if one is
addicted to money. To be an addict according to Webster is to “give oneself
up to some strong habit.” Which of these fit you?

** “MONEY ADDICTS: They make it, accumulate it, and never want to do
anything with it.

** “POSSESSION ADDICTS”: When they achieve wealth they want to give it some
material expression–more houses, boats, furniture, clothes, cars, etc.

** “POWER ADDICTS”: They want to use their money to gain political power, or
simply to bully those around them.

**”FAME ADDICTS”: ..who want to make their mark in society, to be known, to
be noticed, to be accepted by the “in” crowd and to be memorialized in

**”SPENDING ADDICTS”: …who are not interested in possessions, but like to
have “money to burn” to travel, to entertain, to amuse themselves.

**”SHARING ADDICTS”:…who live simply so others can simply live, sharing
the excess of their bare needs with the needs of others.


*** When Earl Miner and I were working on PET proto-types we felt it wise to
use only treated wood in the bed, knowing that the PETs would by necessity
often be stored outside, and that they would be used in areas of much
moisture and many termites.

That decision was affirmed last week in an E-mail from a mission in
Thailand where we have sent PETs. It seems that we slipped somehow and the
two 2×2 rear stakes that hold the cargo end together were not treated as
were the
other parts in the bed. Termites had gotten into the box and riddled the two
stakes. They were able to replace them.

The writer said there were marks showing that the termites had nibbled on
the treated wood, but decided it was not for them. The termites are not from
the USA- but are Asian termites, and massive eaters.


*** Carrol Greene and his pastor, Rev. Hugo Villagrana MO teams came last
week with the cut boards for 80 PETs

*** Mike Stanton, IL, sent 1,357 lower chain guards.

*** Rodney Hanson, WA, sent another box of crank handles.

*** Bill Gortmaker, SD, sent another batch of child sized brake handles.


“He didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.”
-Clarence Kelland

Mel West

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