PET MO-Columbia update 3/11/13

Goal to date: 360 Actual to date 385

*** Folks often ask, “How is it that people all across the USA– Ohio,
Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina, Iowa, etc.- heard
about PET and began making and sending in parts, at no cost to PET? How did
they learn about PET?”

I have been reading, “The Light Within Us,” by Albert Schweitzer, and I
think he has the answer. He writes (p.17):

“I do not believe we can put into anyone ideas which are not in him
already. As a rule there are in everyone all sorts of good ideas, ready like
tinder. But much of this tinder catches fire, or catches fire successfully,
only when it meets some flame or spark from the outside, i.e., that is, from
some other person. Often, too, our own light goes out, and it is rekindled
by some experience we go through with some fellow-man. Thus we have each of
us cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the fire
within us.”

Those are profound words. I recall that my Jesus asks us to “let our light
to shine…” That is our opportunity with PET. Let our own fire within us
expose that fire to the tinder of others, and see if it catches fire. If it
does not we have lost nothing, and their tinder may catch fire later own.
The sparks may smoulder for a while. Tell others of your own excitement
about PET–in building, giving, volunteering–and see what the spirit does
with that. Most have smouldering within them the deep desire to do
something significant in helping another deprived human being. You may be
the spark for that.


*** A report from Morgan Matsiga, our PET evaluator in Zimbabwe:

“Ms. Flata Ngowani, a 34 year old mother of four, lives in Kamunhu
Village. She uses her PET about 3 hours a day for general chores, hauling
firewood and fetching water from the well. On Sunday she rides about 4 k.
(3+ miles) one way to church with the youngest baby in the back of the PET.

*** The second stop took us to the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border. Mr. Kenias
Chihumo is the 67 year old father of 7. In 1968 he stepped on a landmine.
There are still many landmines scattered across the countryside and signs
warning people. Mr. Chihumao’s PET is still in rather good condition, after
having to replace the bearings in a rear wheel.”


“That everyone shall exert himself in that state of life in which he is
placed, to practice true humanity toward his fellow men, on that depends the
future of humankind.” – Albert Schweitzer

Mel West

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