PET MO-Columbia update 3/4/13

Goal to date: 324 Actual: 337

*** Since PET began some 19 years ago we have promised our donors that for
each $250.00 they gave we would deliver a PET to a person in the greatest of
need and in some of the most isolated places. Each year since then we have
done just that. In 2012 the total expenses of PET MO – Columbia were
$482,675. That included everything–every check Kathy wrote. We built 2119
PETs and for a cost of $227.78 each. (See attached 2012 annual report.) We
do that through good management, great volunteers & donors, and a lot of
hard work. We owe that to the 21,000,000 persons awaiting PETs. IF THE PETs
WE BUILT LAST YEAR WERE TO BE PUT INTO ONE LONG LINE OF PETs, BUMPER TO BUMPER, IT WOULD BE A LINE OF PETS OVER TWO MILES LONG. Imagine driving by that long line of PETs, each one with a leg-handicapped person driving it,
with their many cultures, races, creeds, ages, situations and causes.

Drive slowly by and you begin to realize what PET is all about.

*** Thinking of isolated places– Kiran Bista, from Kanchanpur is in
Kathmandu, Nepal, using his PET to continue his studies. The PET was
delivered by the Lions Club. Kiran is a young rural man who has had his PET
three years.

*** Retired missionary Beth Ferrell wrote in response to the “Container 101”
blog: “Thanks- I have been on the receiving end of many containers–What a
joy to open them and see what God has provided through obedient and caring
Christians in America and Germany! ” Also see her quote about distributing
PETs in Sierra Leone on our website’s home page.


“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriatness rather than in its
value.” -Charles Dudley Warner


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