PET MO-Columbia update 1/28/13

Goal for year: 1800 Goal to date: 144 Actual 156

*** In the making of PETs we have a throw-away piece of board that is 3/4″x
3/4″ and 34″ long. It is treated pine with no knots. If anyone can make use
of them for garden stakes, or for making crafts, come and get them. We have


“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.”

Mel West


Thank you to Charlie Wiskirchen of MO and 2 men that bought and sawed wood
pieces to make 105 PETs. Charlie delivered them on January 25 while
traveling to St Louis. PET costs are continued to be kept low because of
faithful parts makers all over the Midwest. Thank you Charlie for 40 hours
of time.

Thanks to long-time volunteer Glen Rolf of MO for sending 30 welded crank

Parts Needed: Columbia needs a local shop or farm shop to lathe crank axles
so a higher quality bearing will fit better.

Columbia (in coordination with PET International’s standardization
committee) is working on a padded seat and back option that will allow a
more comfortable fit. Keep tuned in for the final model selected.

Fundraising Tips:

Use GoodSearch as your web search tool. Go to and register, Find
us as PET Personal Energy Transportation Columbia. Once you have linked us and use GoodSearch to search the web, one penny $0.01 is donated to PET. When you log on you can see the total for PET, in just a few weeks we are up to almost $6.00. If everyone on this email list used 5 searches a day the donations would grow even more. Check out GoodShopping and GoodDining. By dining at local restaurants 2-6% of the tab is donated as well.

For all users of Thrivent Lutheran Insurance Services: Thrivent Choice donates to PET MO-Columbia if you so designate, check it out. We are an approved mission/non-profit.

Gary Moreau


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