PET cart arrives for use at Buddhist Temple at Trat in Southern Thailand

DSCN5283I am enclosing two photos I took on the 19th of January of the Thai Buddhist temple at Trat in south Thailand where we sent a Pet cart for the temple Abbot. I had intended to photograph the Abbot using the cart, but he had been hospitalized the same day in Bangkok for a trauma injury to his already disabled leg.

Just wanted you and staff to see where one of your carts ended up – Christians supporting a Buddhist monk in Trat. If you have a map, you can find Trat (a small town) on the Thailand east coast of the Gulf Of Thailand very near the Cambodian border. It is 1300 kilometers south of where our Foundation is located. One photo shows the external front of the “Viharn”….the Thai word for the main temple building and the other photo shows the DSCN5284“chedi” on the temple grounds currently being repaired.

Hope you enjoy seeing where Pet carts can end up.

In a few days we will be shipping a child-sized cart to a 3 year old very active boy who suffers from muscular dystrophy and lives in the same area.

Warm Regards.

Foundation To Encourage The Potential Of Disabled Persons

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