PET MO-Columbia update 1/14/13

HAITI PET REPORT: A mission team from Centralia, MO, UMC, took water filters
to Haiti, and filed this report:

*** The team that delivered the water filters found a young woman named
Woodlyn who came out to see the water filters, dragging herself on the
ground. (Cerebral palsy, we think) The team immediately thought she would be
a candidate for a PET. We knew there were some PETs in the Methodist
guest-house in Port-au-Prince…so we got one. We have an amazing story to
tell you about arriving with the PET, Woodlyn dragging herself out, Julia
immediately joining her on the ground, and how Woodlyn’s face lit up as she
realized what was being assembled right in front of her. Her family and
30-40 people were standing around watching. What a cheer went up when she
pulled herself into it, smiled the biggest smile you have ever seen and
began moving her PET independently…We were all blessed to have witnessed
the miracle of Woodlyn and her PET.

*** If your church or group has a “Show-and-Tell PET” from PET MO-Columbia
that you are not using, would you please return it as soon as you can.
Someone in the world like Woodlyn must crawl upon the ground until you do.
Our suggestion is that when you are no longer using the PET for fund
raising, please return it.


*** United Methodist Men (UMM) and United Methodist Women (UMW) in Alaska
have provided 160 sewing machines for the Sewing Machine Project (part of
The Container Project). Our volunteers here have reconditioned them and they
went off to sewing projects around the world.

***Also from Alaska: (Nancy Clifton writes for their Cameroon Task Force.)

“Our volunteers packed the PETs as part of their airplane luggage. We
assembled and adjusted them to the needs of the recipients. Then we watched
them depart with self-propelled mobility and a wave as they rode down the
street. The recipients were glad and we were extremely proud to be there to
deliver the gifts. We are all very grateful for the donation of PETs and are
already making plans to deliver more.”


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal!

It is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

Mel West

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