PET MO-Columbia update 1/7/13

NigeriaSuen PET new Jan2013More about Suen Oke: You have heard (or read) me as I talked about Suen Oke. In 2005 a call came from Dr. Tina Slusher, Louisville, KY, for a PET for Suen Oke. Suen was a girl from Nigeria. Dr. Slusher had brought her to Louisville for special surgery. The surgery was successful but Suen had polio, not curable. I sent a PET, she rode it into the airport and it went with her to Nigeria free of charge. We received photos and reports. Suen went to high school on her PET.

About 3 years ago I received a call from some Baptists in Texas, who were going to visit the mission where Suen lived. She needed new rear wheels (when we sent her the PET it had balloon tires). I sent wheels with solid rubber tires, some bearings, etc. She then went to college on her PET.

Last week we received a photo of Suen on her PET, now seven years older.
It looks almost new, and still has the original solid front tire. Miss Oke
is out of college and looking for work. She is an utterly beautiful young
woman, sitting like a queen on her beloved PET. (See her original report
and picture on our 2005 “Stories” page of our website and attached is her
recent picture.)

I have worked very hard for 17 years with PET; and if Suen had been the
only life touched, it would have been worth it. But there are 21 million


“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.” Zig Zigler


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