Saint John UMC in Anchorage, Alaska report on two PET carts distributed in Cameroon

StJohnUMC In this season of Christmas giving, we wanted to send you a special thanks for the two PETs you provided that our volunteers were able to deliver to Kribi, Cameroon in June of this year. The individuals who received these PETs were the first alternates on the list of people who received PETs on our visit to Kribi in 2010. Since that time they hoped, prayed and waited the two years until we returned in June, 2012.

Our volunteers packed the PETs as part of their airplane luggage. We assembled and adjusted them to the needs of each recipient. Then we watched them depart with self-propelled mobility and a wave as they rode down the street. The recipients were glad and we were extremely proud to be there to deliver your gifts. We are all very grateful for your donation of the PETs. We are already making plans to deliver more.

On behalf of the Cameroon Task Force,

Nancy Clifton

PDF of St. John letter

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