PET MO-Columbia 2012 goal exceeded!

Goal to date: 2012 Actual production to date: 2119

*** A hearty CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to all you volunteers and donors (of
parts or money) that made this wonderful gift to the leg-handicapped world
possible. 2119 individuals were enabled to arise from crawling or having to
be carried about and into a new life of mobility, hope, pride, dignity and
productivity. Their caretakers, friends and families also had their lives
enhanced. You all pitched in with generosity of time and money, and you did
it because your heart told you to do it. You have given a great Christmas

If all those 2119 PETs were lined up, bumper to bumper, it would be a
line of PETs TWO MILES LONG!! Imagine driving by a row of PETs 2 miles
long, and each one containing the sister or brother for whom it has given a
new life!! —all races, all creeds, all ages, all colors, all having
different causes for their disabilities. IMAGINE!! And when you tuck
yourself into bed this Christmas say quietly to yourself, “I helped to do
that,” and sleep well!


*** Churches, and persons who are members of churches, provide the vast
majority of our financial donations. And it is so often the smaller
membership churches who are so generous. Last week we received a check for
$3,250.00 from Trinity United Methodist Church at Piedmont, MO. I called the
pastor, Rev. Eddie Rhodes, to thank them and learn more about that church.
Piedmont is a small town located in the Mark Twain National Forest in
southeast Missouri- population 1900. The church has a listed membership of
about 250, with an attendance of 200. The women’s and men’s groups promote
PET. Rev. Rhodes also reported various other mission projects within and
beyond the local community. The Piedmont community has a culture of


** Number of undernourished people in the world 1,020,000,000

** Number of people who die each day from hunger related caused 25,000

** Number of countries that account for almost 2/3 of the world’s hungry 7
India, China, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan,

** Number of persons who must crawl upon the ground or be carried about
because of leg
handicaps 21,000,000


*** “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings
on a human journey.”

– Stephen Convey

Mel West

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