Point Hope Ghana Donates to Foundation

From Facebook: Point Hope Ghana today donated 105 PET Carts to the Physically Challenged Action Foundation (PCAF) in Offinso in the Ashanti Region. The donation is the second consignment of the 210 PET Carts donated to Point Hope by PET International and shipped to Ghana by the US Navy. The government of Ghana helped by providing exemption from customs duty. The PCAF was formed by an individual, Mr. Barima Antwi Boasiako after becoming physically challenged when he lost his right hand during an accident in 1977. The Foundation houses 150 children and a few adults (30 of them are in school). It has also trained about 200 of them in skills like leather works and sewing and these are independently engaged in economic activity with many of them becoming bread winners for their families. The Foundation also provides medical care, physical therapy orthopedic surgery as well as rehabilitation services for its beneficiaries who come from all over the northern sector of the country and even from outside Ghana’s borders. Their target is to build their own school to cater for some of their children who are not being accepted in the formal school system because of their special cases.

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