PET MO-Columbia update 12/3/12

Goal to date: 1892 Actual to date: 1980

*** I’ve been investing some time (hopefully) in writing letters of inquiry
and grant applications, seeking money for PET. I’ve had about 40 years
experience doing this, and it is discouraging work. A lot of detailed
information goes with each full grant application. The usual response is,
“You are doing wonderful work, BUT we have so many applications we can’t
fill them all. Sorry.”

When I began PET I thought that surely it was such a wonderful project
that foundations would want to support it. But not so. The book I have gives
information on 9997 foundations. Most are self-focused, and often for
projects the donors can enjoy. They are for good projects, but few for the
poor and fewer even for the very poor–and even fewer for anything overseas.

Fortunately I have a couple of friends leading foundations, and they have
been generous. One of the secrets to getting foundation grants is who one
knows. So….if anyone out there knows anyone with a foundation, let me
know. We need to work together.


*** Two more boxes of front axles came this week from the Webberville United
Methodist Men in MI, and another box of crank handles from Jefferson United
Methodist Church in OK. Those two groups have been faithful suppliers since
about 2000.



*** “Before me is a photo of a 30 year old lady in Swaziland, in a PET and wearing a colorful native dress. She told The Luke Commission there, “I have never felt such happiness in my life. I very much want to thank the American people for providing me with this helpful wheelchair. I am now able to move from one place to another without much difficulty.”


“We share love in the form of scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes, cheese, and
a sandwich, and will be back to do it again next week.” Rev. Roger Ray,
pastor of The Community Christian Church, Springfield, MO. This small church
does an amazing amount of ministry with the homeless and hungry of
Springfield. Go to

Mel West

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