PET MO-Columbia update 11/27/12

GOAL TO DATE: 1853 Actual: 1946

*** Barbara and I had a great Thanksgiving in Arlington, TX, with our
children, grandchildren and friends. We saw the movie, “Lincoln,” which I
heartily recommend. We worshipped Sunday in a church that lost its roof in
the tornado that hit that city.

*** Our son, Moine, loaned me two books that I would highly recommend to
those interested in the stock market crash of 2008 and following. The books
are “The Big Short- Inside the Doomaday Machine,” and “Boomerang,” both by
Michael Lewis. The basic message I got was that nobody on Wall Street knew
what they were doing, hoped and assumed someone else did, so operated on
pure greed. Get them and read them.

*** Our daughter, Susan hosted an afternoon gathering of folks that were in
the church I pastored in Dallas between 1959 and 1965. It was like a high
school class reunion as I tried to guess the names of persons I had last
seen as teenagers 47 years ago.


*** GOOD NEWS is that the shipping container we sent to Kitwe, Zambia, on
6-15-12 has arrived at its final destination – PET Zambia. This supplements
their production with supplies or completed PETs. They deliver in
neighboring countries as well.


Here is a great story: Jeanne Smith, was distributing PETs in Honduras from
PET KS, and wrote this:

“We sent 190 PETs ahead of us and had a meaningful, heartwrenching,
soul-stirring time matching them with their new owners. It was very
inspiring. Many elderly people on their new PETs pulled me down to hug me
with tears in their eyes. A younger teenager drove his PET in crazy circles
on the church floor shouting with glee and happiness. Several times little
children with shy smiles on their beautiful faces cuddled up to their Dad in
his new PET. One very poor father with a very patient daughter about 10 or
12 years old cuddled up to each other and waited for well over an hour for
her PET.

“The girl was not on the original list so we waited to see if any were
left for her. When it looked as if she was “in” the father stepped out of
the church and returned with a bag of fresh cucumbers from his garden. He
was so pleased to give them to us and handed them over to us as though they
were a precious offering to God. Given their state of poverty, we knew those
cucumbers represented another meal for them. It was an humbling experience.”


“The past is a guidepost, not a hitching post.” – L. Thomas Holdcroft.

Mel West

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