PET MO-Columbia update 11/5/12

Goal to date: 1760 Actual 1815

*** This is a salute to Sunday School teachers: Yesterday was All Saints
Sunday in the Church, and I worshipped with the congregation of Wilkes Blvd.
United Methodist Church here in Columbia, a church where up to 100 homeless
and hungry folks are fed each night at 5 o’clock. Meg Hegemann, the pastor,
led a very relevant and creative worship experience. One part of the service
was for us to light a candle in memory of a saint of our past that had meant
a lot to us.

I lighted a candle in memory of Mrs. Alma Korb, my Sunday School teacher
back at Golden City, MO. She was special to me. During my years in the US
Marine Corps in WWII seldom did a week go by, regardless of where I was, but
that I received a card or letter from Mrs. Korb, reminding me that the folks
in my home town were praying for me and expected great things of me.

In conversations I found that several others lighted a candle in memory of
their SS teachers.


*** We received a PET photo and story recently that was a special gift to
Teddy Arthur, one of our most loyal PET builders and packers. Teddy takes
home pieces of reflection tape and cuts them into special artistic designs,
then puts them on the PETs she builds. Last week we received a photo and
story of a PET distributed on Thailand, to a 72 year old man who lost a leg
to diabetes. It was clearly one of Teddy’s PETs. Now she knows exactly
where one of “her” PETs went. (See attached report.)


“If you do a good thing, and do it well, and let folks know about it,
good people want to help.”


“Do not seek to follow the footsteps of the wise–seek what they sought.”
Matsuo Basho

Mel West

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