PET MO-Columbia update 10/29/12

Goal to date: 1720 Actual to date: 1766

***A simple parable of life took place here a few moments ago. Someplace in
this community a woman died who had been a seamstress all her life. She had
a lovely sewing basket full of the sewing notions she had collected through
her life’s work. She died, and someone in the family brought that sewing
basket to us. The lady’s name was not on it.

Today I packed that treasure from an unknown woman into a box to go to
another unknown woman in rural Nicaragua through The Container Project. She
will live in a very simple house, probably with a dirt floor, and will be a
part of a sewing cooperative set up by Rainbow Network. She will, with the
same love and skill, sew for her family and for others.

I wish those two ladies, connected only by a sewing basket, could have
met on this Earth. Rainbow Network will deliver the sewing basket. Like the
rainbow in its symbol, this mission group creates a rainbow of hope with one
end here in Missouri and the other end in rural Nicaragua. Write me and
send a postal address if you want to know more about Rainbow Network, or, go
to I guarantee its good work.


*** Kathy reports that we are again approved as a mission agency to receive
Advance funds through the United Methodist Church at the national level for
2013-2016. We are listed as “Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Mobility
Device. Our number is 982665-5. Both individuals and churches can give
through this program either by UM Churches through their conference or an
individual can give online by charge card if that’s their preference. They
do not charge any charge card processing or administration fees; 100% of
donations go to the approved mission agencies. We here receive a monthly
check and a report of who gave and how much. Here is how you can channel
your gifts through the Advance. On our website, click on the give online
link at the right on any page or under the Help tab. Then click on the link
to the Advance; it will take you to the PET page.


*** Our crews are working overtime now to fill two special orders— for 50
child sized PETs and 50 PULL PETs. Requests for PULL PETs have been slow to
develop. Persons who need a PULL PET are often hidden away and treated as
less than human. In some cultures parents are made to feel that if a child
is born deformed it was as a result of some sin they had committed, so that
person is kept from public. But mission workers are seeking out those who
need the PULL PET that will give them new life and dignity.


“Better diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” -Confucius

Mel West

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