PET cart distribution report from Global Aid Network in Zambia

Mission Trip to John Laing- 28 August 2012
Women, widows, orphans and youths were gathered in one of the densely populated areas of Lusaka-John Laing to hear what Campus Crusade for Christ team had prepared for them. The team was greeted with hymns and songs of celebration. Amazingly, the young and old were well behaved and attentive to grasp the word of God that was delivered to them. Among the women folk was a woman by the name of Maureen Makasa who was born lame and in need of something to help her with movements. She is a widow with two kids and does not have a sustainable income. To help with her movements, a PET cart was presented to her. She was overwhelmed with joy as seen in the way she praised in God. “What a miracle”, she said. It was praise worth and God’s love filled her heart and her facial expression was full of joy! To add on to her joy she got some care packs and clothes for her two school age children. The rest of the People who had gathered at that house in John Laing received clothes and care packs. It was marvelous to see how jovial they had become.

Kafue Mission Trip
Mrs. Sinyangwe 60 years old widow stays in Kafue District. She was born lame and her source of income a small business. With her kind of business, she was not able to purchase a wheel chair to help her with mobility. The visit by CCCZ in that area was an answered prayer. The team gave her a PET cart. She was overwhelmed with joy. She also shared with the team on the dream she had two weeks before our visit that somebody had given her a car. For her the PET cart was a gift from God.

After Chinyunyu, we proceeded to Tumbama village to meet Catherine Malunga born in 1932. She had a mysterious diseases in her right leg that Doctors failed to heal neither did they discover the cause of it. She was in great pain for many years which she described in her local language as great agony. Doctors tried all they could but to no avail. The leg was being eaten up and the last option was to have her leg amputated as a result. The amputation was done in 1959. Catherine who was once energetic and vibrant was just crawling like a baby for fifty three years. CCCZ in partnership with GAIN heard the story about her and drove to her village. She was shocked seeing a vehicle pulling up at her place, she wondered who these people could be! We found her seated on a reed mat and it was such an emotional moment. Before doing anything we preached the love of God to her and her two elder sisters. It took a bit of time for them to understand what it means to receive Christ. Eventually they got it and in no time, they prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Thereafter, we blessed her with a PULL PET cart. She was grateful and thankful to God. She never expected to receive such a wonderful gift she had desired for many years. Indeed God makes a way where there seems to be no way. She was grateful to Almighty God for His faithfulness.

Linda Mission Trip Part 2
When we first visited Linda Township, our eyes plunged into this lady who has been living without both legs for many years. Amazingly, she is very active and industrious. God has gifted her with skill to plait women’s hair as a means of survival.

Before we went to meet her, she was compelled by the Holy Spirit to call for a prayer meeting in her room. Her relatives thought somehow something has gone wrong with her, but they responded to her anyway. Her prayer point was for God to raise people to buy her a wheel chair. She got tired of being lifted when ever she wanted to move from point A to point B. She really poured out her desires to God and our God is faithful and just. A week later, God led us to this lady to bless her with a wheel chair. Her sisters gathered to witness the faithfulness of God. Her prayer was answered hastily. Her family members who were doubting Thomas’s believed the existence of God and praised Him like mad people.

Chris Musonda
Campus Crusade for Christ
National Director for Zambia

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