Liberian war amputee and polio victim receive PET carts through partnership with Global Aid Network

Weah Won (left), a former Armed Forces of Liberia Soldier, who was amputated by his captors (rebel forces) during the 1990 civil crises, has been moving about in a wheel chair. When the cart was given to him through Dr. Emmanuel Akenyibah (a board member of GCML/GAIN) Weah was so thankful that tears set his eyes. He hardly could express himself.

Abraham Kaingbay (right), a worker at the internal affairs has been with polio since 1965. His wheel chair had become old and he was wondering where to get a better one. When he was contacted by Dr. Akinyibah to come to the Malak Clinic to pick up a cart he least expected what it was. He dressed in his best and came. On receiving the cart he literally cried and repeatedly said thank U, thank U, and thank U.

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