PET MO-Columbia update 10/22/12

Goal to date: 1680 Actual: 1716

*** Gary Moreau and Don O’Bannon took two PETs to the Festival of Sharing
last Saturday, for show and tell. The Festival is an annual fall ingathering
that Barbara and I started 30 years ago, and has been copied by six or more
other states.

The third weekend of October some 3,000 people representing 31 different
faith groups gather at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia with the
one purpose of sharing of the abundance of resources we have received. All
year long the members of these congregations have been making kits (health,
layette, prison, flood, school, dental, hygiene, etc), quilts, food boxes,
and raising money for various humanitarian project in Missouri, the USA and

On Friday afternoon hundreds of youth arrive to be the “manpower” for the
Festival. They move the tons of resources, bag many tons of rice and beans
into smaller sizes for Missouri food pantries, sort kits, etc. Friday night
they attend workshops on the worldwide problems of poverty and hunger.

Saturday morning dozens of informational booths are set up to inform the
Festival folks about the various humanitarian projects supported by the
Festival. A youth led worship celebration at 10:00 brings the crowd together
in the huge arena. The dollar value of the resources given each year ranges
around one million dollars. Other states that have copied Missouri report
similar amounts.

The Festival is the most ecumenical activity in Missouri, showing again
that faith groups that are widely divided on Sunday morning can work
together with great power and purpose on such issues as hunger and poverty.

If you have not been to the FESTIVAL Of SHARING, you owe it to yourself
and your faith group (or no faith group) to be at Sedalia next October 18,
2013. (or the one in your state)


*** We are now working on a special order of fifty (50) child sized PETs for

Med Share. 75 adult PETs will accompany them, for shipment before


“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” –
Abraham Lincoln

Mel West

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