PET MO-Columbia update 10/2/12

Goal to date: 1560 Actual: 1564

*** A generous donor to PET, who lives near Chicago, drove to Columbia over
the weekend and visited us here at PET yesterday. That was the only reason
for this 93 year old gentleman to make the trip. He wanted to see how his
money was being invested in the mission. He was greatly pleased with what he
saw, highly complimentary, and drove home to tell others about PET.

We urge others to come and visit PET to see how their money is used, If
one invested in a piece of land, or a business, they would go look at it.
Come and visit us here at PET! We will treat you right!


*** Gary Moreau and I went to Norfolk, NE, over the long weekend to share in
the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Orphan Grain Train. Some 350
persons were there, most over 70, most Missouri Synod Lutherans, and all
with great fervor for the mission that sends our PETs to missions overseas.

We made some great friends and contacts, with speakers and others from
all over the developing world. Our PETs were the “belle of the ball.” as
they were featured in various ways.

And we saw a lot of corn country.


*** We here at PET MO-Columbia have dramatically stepped up production the
past week, as we are responding to a call for 76 child PETs , 76 adults, 20
PULLs, and mini-marts, to be shipped October 15 to Paraguay. Larry Wilcox
normally makes 3 child PETs a week, but he and others have done over-time
and we will easily meet the deadline. WE HAVE GREAT VOLUNTEERS.


*** The 40′ container of PETs that left here 8-15-12 is expected to be in
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (on the way to Zambia) on October 7–very good time.

*** Last week Gary and I did a PET presentation at the local First
Presbyterian Church, with 21 present. We like to make such presentations,
telling the full story of PET to potential donors. My flip-chart
presentation (along with the DVD) is called “PET 101.”


“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” Thoreau

Mel West

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