PET carts distributed at Baptist Medical Centre in Nalerigu, Ghana

Here are photos from Ghana of the PET carts being utilized. They were
distributed in both the Nakpanduri area, about 45 minutes from Baptist
Medical Centre, and in Nalerigu, the hospital village.

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Many of these folks have been almost homebound, or able to get around
only with great difficulty. They have different diagnoses; some have
cerebral palsy but fairly good use of their arms; some have been
paralyzed, due to a fall from a tree (usually women, gathering firewood
or fruit for food), or from Pott’s Disease, TB of the spine. I think
one went to someone who had polio.

There is a need for more; we now have people in both villages who can
have the carts assembled and distributed.

Thank you for your wonderful ministry, giving people all over the world
more mobility!

God Bless,

Cindy Shumpert MD
VP George Faile Foundation

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