PET MO-Columbia update 9/10/12

Goal to date: 1440 Actual 1426

*** Last week a new volunteer asked me a question I am seldom asked, but
glad to answer. “What is your motivation for doing what you do,” he asked.
Let me answer here simply and briefly.

(1) The scriptures I read (and the wisdom of the ages) tells me that we are
one big human family here on Earth. Science tells us that. When we say “Our
Father” at the start of the Lord’s Prayer we are recognizing that we all
have One Father, hence we are One Family of 7,000,000,000 plus human beings.

(2) Hence, we should live as one family. That is the message from one end of
the Bible to the other. “Love neighbor as self.” all 7 billion of them.
Those who first walked on the moon and gazed down at this spinning ball we
call Earth emphasized our Oneness. Blood from my veins can save the life of
someone on the other side of this Earth. Science and scriptures agree.

(3) Our “Family Values” tell us how we should treat family. We share. We
lift each other up. We sacrifice for each other. We would literally give our
lives for each other. “No greater love has any person but to do that.”
Scriptures and reality. We call them heroes when they do that.

(4) As a farmer I always treated the animal most sick, first–runt pigs,
orphan lambs, sick chickens, calves, cats, dogs. The Jesus I follow reminds
us to do that for people also. He called that group “the least of these.” In
fact, our very salvation depends upon it.

(5) If our daughter or son were crawling upon the ground as a begger Barbara
and I would go to any length to give them the Gift of Mobility and Hope. If
a neighbor were in such a condition we would also do so–or some personal
friend half a world away. That is “family values.”

So- what does it matter if the person in need is not personally kin or
known to us? Does that exclude us from being family, from caring, from
sharing? They are indeed our brother or sister. They are among the “least of
these” to whom we are called to give special attention.

(6) The good news is that when one begins to live out that
theology/philosophy about life one finds the real joy and peace that the
scriptures promise. We begin to think about each recipient of one of our
PETs not as some pitiful human being “over there”, but as a sister or
brother with whom our hearts and hopes are now invested. Our sense of
family grows.

*** That’s my motivation. What is yours? How big is your family?


*** The request just came to enlarge the shipment to Paraguay to a 40′ high
rise container–212 PETs.


*** See attached information about going on a PET distribution. Susan
Williams is one of our board trustees and long time volunteer who has gone
on multiple distribution trips herself.

“Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it.” Antoine de

Mel West

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