PET MO-Columbia update 9/3/12

Goal to date: 1400 Actual to date: 1390

*** A quote came into my computer this morning that was timely for me. I
needed it. It came from my friend Rev. Roger Ray of the Community Christian
Church in Springfield, MO, and read: “Many people, especially ignorant
people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for
being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of
your time. If you are right and you know it speak your mind. Even if you are
a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” -Gandhi

I have been a rebel and an innovator in the Church, and have paid the
price for it. I’ve been told, “Mel, you are not a team player.” To which I
replied. “Perhaps I play for a different coach.” I’ve been told, “Mel, the
problem with you is that you are 30 years ahead of the times.” Better that
than 30 years behind.

I am now in conflict with a congregation that wants to spend multiplied
millions on a building for themselves, while our sisters and brothers around
the world live in dirt-floored hovels. I am reminded of a native of
Guatemala who said, “We like Habitat better than the church missionaries.
The preacher comes and they build him a nice big house. Then they build a
big house for God. Then they go out of the housing business. Habitat comes
and he builds a little simple house for himself. Then he helps us build ones
like it. We like that better.”

I try to follow Gandhi’s counsel. And at times I have found my church to
be as good at shunning as are the Amish.


*** Tomorrow 105 PETs and a pallet of medical supplies will go off to
MedShare in GA, an NGO that distributes to overseas missions.

*** A report from a shipment of PETs to Cameroon reported: “A lady is using
her PET to sell fish, and a man is a shoe repairman who puts some six miles
a day on his PET.”

*** Two groups were here for tours last week, and both brought many useful
items for the Container Project. Linda Clark and Gloria Northcutt came from
Arch UMC in Hannibal. A group of about 12 came from the United Presbyterian
Methodist Church in Montgomery City, MO. I would put those two churches way
at the top of the list of really outstanding churches in Missouri. (Both
churches have been involved with us doing missions.)


“For each one who rejects Christianity because he misunderstands it, ten
will reject it because they understand it too well–because they know it is
a call to the selfless and sacrificial life.” E. Herman


Mel West

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