PET MO-Columbia update 8/27/12

Goal to date: 1360 Actual 1353

*** Yesterday Barbara and I gave a PET presentation at the Lake Ozark Presbyterian Church, as a part of their mission month. That gave me the opportunity to renew acquaintances with Rev. Rudy Beard, pastor and long-time friend in ecumenical work.

It also gave Barbara and me a lot of “do you remember’s” as we toured the huge lake area. From 1967 to 1970 we developed and directed a ministry to that recreational area. During the summers we lived there with about 35 college students in a program called Volunteers In Ecumenical Ministry (VIEW). They worked in the tourist industry, and in their spare time worked with various ministries. We held worship services on beaches, in campgrounds, at resorts, and on a large cruise boat.

Our center was called The Treasure House, and was a center for contemporary religious art. We showed the movie, “The Clown” that was featured in the religions pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair. Soldiers from nearby Ft. Leonard Wood flooded the lake each weekend, often with no place to stay. We rented space and established The Bunker, offering them weekend rates of $3.00 for two nights. These G.I.’s were bound for Vietnam, and I invested a lot of time in counseling.

Other activities of the Parish included a drive-in worship service, a bookstore selling religious books and other items, We opened a “One-Day Day Care Center” for parents with very small children who did not want to take them out onto the lake, and much more.


*** The Container Project: Friday morning was an exciting time here as we
loaded a 53′ truck with mission items for Rainbow Network in
Nicaragua–books, clothing, shoes, bicycles, walkers, solar lights, bed
linens, toys, PETs, etc.

*** An 8/20-12 e-mail from Swaziland reports that our container shipment to them had “cleared customs”. That left here 6-20-12 with 212 PETs, so that was a faster than usual delivery. (Attached is one of the first distribution pictures from The Luke Commission showing one of Columbia’s Pull PETs.)

*** A tour group is coming this morning from The United Presbyterian Methodist Church of Montgomery City, MO. This church is an excellent model as to how two denominations in a small town can live together in the same building and with one pastor. They have always had a strong mission program and are generous supporters of PET, The Container Project, Rainbow Network, the Festival of Sharing, and other mission work.


“People shop for churches that will fit their desires, when they ought to be
looking for a church that will shape their desires.” Lillian Daniel


Mel West

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