A great day for the disabled at Kuthandiza Osayenda Disability Outreach in Malawi

This was a great day for the disabled people in Malawi. They came from all corners of the country using whatever transport that would take them to Kuthandiza Osayenda Disability Outreach( KODO) to get the much awaited gift of mobility from PET Zambia. Indeed it was a great day physically and spiritually.

Both Reverend Delbert and Sandy Groves from PET Zambia had a busy day praying for the disabled men, women and children who attended the distribution. Parents, government officials, church men and women, and politicians all joined us in receiving this donation officially in Malawi for the first time.

It is every body’s prayer that God should continue blessing the PET ministry. Attached are some of the photos taken on the day. I will be giving you all the updates of my follow ups with these disabled people who have benefited from the PET carts, to see how their lives have changed in their various homes.

God bless you all.


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