PET MO-Columbia update 8/20/2102

Goal to date: 1320 Actual: 1311

*** E-mail from the head of an NGO in OK that receives our PETs and distributes: “I am planning to send a container of 50 PETs to Morocco. With the PETs I would like to send 30 sewing machines. Fifteen sewing machines would be used in Morocco to help set up small micro-businesses, and fifteen for Cote d’lvoire (Ivory Coast) to help new believers who are cut off from their families. These machines will help them earn an income.
-Mike Cousineau, 1040i”
(The sewing machines and supplies will come from The Container Project in a joint effort with PET. Attached picture is from the Cote d’lvoire in 2011; the child PET was from another Affiliate. Various shops have contributed to shipments to 1040i. Mike came to the PET International meeting last year and spoke about PET as part of his mission work in Africa. PET is in good hands with his organization. We are so grateful for all our partners who distribute our PET mobility devices. They know the local culture, customs laws for import, and have a heart to help those in need. Kathy Maynard)

*** A great PET story:

“Today my wife and I delivered a PET to our local post office where it
will be shipped to the Abbott of a rural Buddhist temple called “Wat Kin,”
which is located in Tambol Chamarak, Amphur Muang, Chiangwat Traat,

The temple Abbott is unable to walk due to a stroke and the one other
temple monk is unable to walk due to a traffic accident which not only left
him permanently unable to walk, but also killed his younger sister and
mother. The two monks will share the PET. The temple is rural and has very
little means.

I thought you might like to share this with your supporters as an example
of Christian compassion for Buddhist clergy.” Donald Wilcox, President &
Founder of Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons (They
received their first 40′ container of PETs this year including PETs from our
shop and FL. Mr. Wilcox has been great in sending updates and pictures.)


*** The following left here last Wednesday for The United Methodist New Life
Center, Kitwe, Zambia:

Two hundred (200) boxed PETs, 45 metal folding walkers, 23 walking canes, 43
pair crutches, 6 mini-marts, 48 sewing machines, 1 3-part camp cookstove, 2
boxes wooden toys for the children. These completed PETs will supplement
the production at PET Zambia. They are expanding their shop to increase
from 500 to 1,000 a year produced locally. PET MO-Columbia and others help
with their annual shipment of supplies for that production. PET Zambia is
the continuation of the first mission that asked for and first distributed
and evaluated PETs in what was then Zaire.


*** All of you MU graduates will find a double-page photo of a PET In
Guatemala (Made here) in the very front of the last issue of the Mizzou
magazine. A really great photo.


“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on
both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.” Maya Angelou

Mel West

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