PET Cart donated to disabled Abbott of rural Bhuddist Temple

Dear Mr. Driggs:

Today my wife and I delivered one of the adult Pet carts to our
local post office where it will be shipped via post to the Abbott of
a rural Buddhist temple called “Wat Kiri” which is located in
Tambol Chamrak, Amphur Muang, Chiangwat Traat, Thailand.
Our understanding is that the temple Abbott is unable to walk
due to a stroke and one other temple monk is unable to walk
due to a traffic accident which not only left him permanently disabled
but also killed his younger sister and mother. The two monks will
share the Pet cart. The temple is rural and apparently has very little

Unlike many countries, our postal service does accept very large
items such as the cart. Postage came to $72 as Traat Province is
quite far from Chiang Mai along the sea near the border with
Cambodia. Thought you might like to share this with your supporters
as an example of Christian compassion for Buddhist clergy. Nobody
at the temple seems to own a camera. Sorry about that.

Warm regards.
Donald Willcox, Founder & President
Foundation To Encourage The Potential Of Disabled Persons

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