PET MO-Columbia update 8/13/12

Goal 1280. Actual 1273.

*** The 40′ container hauling 212 PETs for Swaziland left Columbia on
6-20-2012, and arrived in Durbin on 8-10-2012, , a 52 day journey, via
truck, train piggy-back, and ocean going container ship. Soon 212 of our
sisters and brothers in Swaziland will have the GIFT OF MOBILITY AND HOPE,
and the lives of their caretakers will be greatly enhanced.

*** This next Wednesday we will load out another 40″ container with PETs,
sewing machines, fabric, crutches. walkers. and cooking equipment for the
United Methodist NewLifeCenter in Kitwe, Zambia. That center distributes
about 500 PETs a year to leg-handicapped persons in central south Africa.
Recently they took 50 PETs up into Malawi. They have set a goal of 1,000
for next year.


*** We had a celebration here last Thursday to congratulate Jim Sandfry on
his completion of refurbishing sewing machine number one thousand (1,000)
since he began with that project in 2008. Jim now has trained two helpers,
Monte Nevins and Dave Rosenberg. Persons receiving one of the sewing machines are
lifted from hard-core poverty and into a personal entrepreneurship of
sewing. Several of the cooperatives that have been formed with the sewing
machines now have contracts locally to make school uniforms, backpacks, etc.
We send donated fabfic along to help them get a running start.


*** Piruz Sozashvili, 59, Republic of Georgia, was born with cerebral palsy,
and has never welked. Now for two years he has lived in the Dushen boarding
house. He does not have family. He does have a girl friend who lives in
Dushen. He is now happy with the PET which makes it possible to visit her
where she lives in downtown.

*** One of our many friends in IA created a PET chant for use in VBS.


“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” M. C.

Mel West

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