PET Photos from the Congo

Dear Von,
Here are 4 photos to help your friends see their carts in action.

Photo 1-(left to right) Dr. John Look (who you have corresponded with several times. He is the originator of the Mission’s work with the lepers 1973. He was visiting at Impfondo for a month (May-June 2012)
and went to see our new leprosy center (Kimia (Peace) Centre), which is still under construction). (Their original center, initially started by Dr. Look, was destroyed in 2005).

Paul Kabitou (President of the Association of the Lepers since 1997) He is the one who really pushed for us to find a place for our friends in the leprosy program. This property was purchased in 2007 but building only began in 2010 because we had to raise funding (Dr. Look was instrumental in that).

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