PET MO-Columbia update 7/30/12

Goal: 1,200 Actual: 1,194

*** One question frequently asked is “How long will a PET last?” The answer
to that is like asking how long an automobile will last. In Cuba, where new
autos are almost impossible to find, they take good care of their cars and
keep them 60 or more years. Here in the USA, with our affluence and the
availability of autos, they are usually junked at about ten years. The life
of a PET depends upon its use and the skill of the owner in caring for it.

Twelve years ago we sent a shipment of PETs The Republic of Georgia. This
year we sent a second shipment. A Mr. Mumladze received a PET in the first
shipment, and brought it in to be replaced from the recent shipment. It has
served him those twelve years, but needed a rehab, and will then go to
someone else. We sent tires, chain, bearings, etc. with the shipment.
(See attached detailed report.)


*** Many of the recently shipped PETs went to residents of the Dusheti
Boarding House which houses special needs persons, especially those with leg
disabilities. One who got a PET was 25 years old Dimitri Burjandaze. He was
born in Rustavi with Kugelberg Welender spinal muscular atrophy. His
parents refused to take him home. He has never attended school, but being
smart enough he taught himself how to read and write. When the boarding
school received three computers he learned to work with the word processor,
internet, and is actively using his computer skills. AND NOW HE IS MOBILE!!


*** A tour group of youth from the Emory Memorial UMC of Hermann, MO., was
here last week, as a part of their VBS.

*** The “Share and Care” group from New Cambria, MO, came last week with a
very nice lot of sewing fabric, some sewing machines, and other items–and
cash for one PET.


“People search for a church to fit their desires, when they should be
looking for a church that will shape their desires.”

Mel West

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